Two Day Blue Mountains Bush Survival Trip bush survival

Departs Katoomba
Returns Katoomba
Duration 2 Days (approx.)

Two Day Blue Mountains Bush Survival Trip

Bush Survival Skills are essential for anyone who ventures out a bush, be it alone or with friends. This overnight survival course is for people who want to feel confident exploring wilderness regions. It is not a course for people who enjoy deprivation. It will teach you how to avoid embarrassing or even life-threatening situations. Learn:

  • Survival theory/philosophy
  • What to pack in an emergency kit
  • Strategies for self-rescue
  • Techniques for signaling outside assistance
  • Find, collect and purify water
  • Techniques to shelter from the elements
  • light fires without matches
  • Improvised first aid
  • Navigate using the sun and stars
  • Introduction to building traps and snares
  • Techniques to survive in different environments

You will also receive a booklet of essential Bush Survival knowledge and tips.

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