Fremantle Experience Tour PPTFD

Departs Perth
Returns Perth
Duration 5 Hours (approx.)

Fremantle Experience Tour


Fremantle is famous for it’s colonial era sandstone buildings. Fremantle has a ric history and culture and this is evident in the beautiful old heritage buildings through the city. On a Peddle Fremantle Experience Tour we’ll take you to see these buildings and we’ll spare you with the boring dates, we’ll give you interesting stories and history that made Fremantle what is today.

Important Ticketing Information

Please note that we define children as 12 and under, because they start getting pretty big after that! Please think of your rider’s legs 🙂


When you join us on a Fremantle Experience Tour, your group gets your own personal chariots piloted by safe, fit, fun and experienced chauffeurs, eager to explore Fremantle with you and teach you about the fascinating City of Fremantle.

To start the day, you and your crew will be waiting, taking in and admiring all of the fresh developments like FOMO that Fremantle has been blessed with and suddenly, on the horizon you’ll see a fleet of bikes captained by determined young people sporting big smiles and listening to amazing music. You’ll then be warmly greeted and treated with great service and instructed about the events of the tour.

You’ll then jump on the bikes, and away we go! We’ll hit up the most iconic and interesting spots in Fremantle, and let you admire the architectural beauty, appreciate the cultural significance and learn the facts about Fremantle that are actually interesting. We know some tours you may have been on in the past have made you want to fall asleep, but you won’t get that with us, and we know how to keep the little ones engaged too.

Going to the hot spots and undiscovered gems in the City may be fun, but when you choose Peddle it’s because you want something a bit different. Riding around the City in style on the back of our rickshaw chariots might just be the most fun experience of the whole tour, because when you choose to ride with Peddle, the journey is ALWAYS more fun than the destination. Not to mention, the cushions are comfy and the music is awesome!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a tourist this is the best way to experience this beautiful City, and if you’re a local, we’ll make you feel like a tourist in your own City and help strengthen your roots and appreciation of the place we’re lucky to call home!

This Event is Perfect for:

  • Family outings, and educating the young ones (and yourself) about Freo.
  • Tourists wanting to explore Fremantle and looking to get an authentic experience.
  • Groups of friends
  • Staff Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Couples
  • Anyone who likes trying new things and having new, exciting experiences.
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